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Welcome to Edgewood High School of the Sacred Heart

Welcome to Edgewood High School of the Sacred Heart, a private, inclusive Sinsinawa Catholic Dominican school in Madison, Wisconsin. We provide a Christian education to about 600 students each year. Our college preparatory curriculum is steeped in faith and values and consists of about 140 different courses and enough extra-curricular activities to satisfy every student's interests. 

Please take some time to learn more about us here on our website. We are proud of our award-winning performing and visual arts programs, our title-winning Crusader athletic teams, and our academically outstanding and service-oriented student body. Our actively engaged parent community and volunteers help our dedicated faculty and staff provide the best education possible for each of our students.

Acting as a Good Neighbor

Edgewood has worked collaboratively for about a year with the Dudgeon-Monroe and Vilas neighborhood liaison committees to learn and address our neighbors viewpoints about Edgewood playing home soccer and lacrosse matches, football games, and track and field events at the Goodman Athletics Complex on its campus.

On January 30, 2017, an informational meeting was hosted by Edgewood High School for neighbors of the Dudgeon-Monroe and Vilas neighborhoods. 

Five important considerations were brought to our attention: traffic, parking, usage, lighting, and sound. We have engaged multiple subject matter experts to see what can be done in each of these areas to improve the quality of life and event experience for all neighbors on Monroe Street.

Read a summary of Edgewood’s description of the track and field enhancements and the ways in which impact beyond the campus will be minimized.

View Edgewood High School’s neighborhood presentation addressing the expressed concerns regarding improvements to the Goodman Athletics Complex that would allow its use as a competitive venue for home athletics events.