Edgewood HS Students

Our Cafeteria

At Edgewood High School of the Sacred Heart, we know that healthy and nutritious meals are synonymous with success in the classroom and in life. We offer a wide variety of breakfast and lunch choices to our students every day, from hot and cold sandwiches to a salad bar and whole-grain snacks. We also provide weekly lunch specials for even more variety. For prices and details, please view the menus.

Swipe Cards

We use Swipe cards as our prepaid payment system. Parents and guardians must set up and fund the account through My School Bucks. Some of the benefits to using a Swipe card include:

  • Students can move through the cafeteria line faster
  • Encourages students to make better food choices
  • Allows parents to set daily spending limits
  • Provides parents online reports, including how students spend funds
  • Offers convenient payment options for parents