Why Choose Us

There are many reasons to choose Edgewood for your child’s high school education. We embrace a set of values that encourage the search for truth, promote compassion, advocate for justice, build community and welcome partnership. Our rigorous academic program is supplemented by ample opportunities for participation in co-curricular activities and includes a commitment to requiring students to complete community service hours throughout their four-year tenure.

Learning takes place in a small, safe, personal environment where it is easy for students and teachers to get to know one another and encourage the best in one another. Our excellent teachers and staff help students grow to be young adults who are confident, compassionate, and contributing members of society, well prepared to succeed as they face future challenges in school and throughout their lives.

Hear what current parents have to say about the quality of education, the experience of being a part of the Edgewood community, and the value of the investment in their children's future.

Fast Facts

    • The average class size is 18 to 22 students.
    • The teacher/student ratio is 1:13.
    • We integrate our values into the curriculum for each subject.
    • We teach, explore, and celebrate faith.
    • 95 percent of our students participate in co-curricular activities.
    • More than 75 percent of our teachers hold advanced degrees.
    • Our teachers serve as mentors and guides for our students.
    • Our teaching staff averages 19 years of experience.
    • 98 percent of graduates go on to college; 40 percent receive at least one scholarship. Nearly 100 percent of our students take the ACT and over the last five years were accepted at more than 300 post-secondary institutions, including 42 of the top 50 U.S. colleges and universities, military academies, and international schools.
    • One-third of junior and half of the senior classes take Advanced Placement courses for potential college credit and preparation.