Community Service

The EHS community service program helps students find active ways to live the Sinsinawa Dominican motto, "At the heart of ministry is relationship," and to put into practice the values of Truth, Compassion, Justice, Community, and Partnership, that are the foundation of Edgewood’s mission and central to all the educational institutions the Congregation sponsors.

Annual Requirements for Community Service

To graduate from EHS, every student must complete a minimum of 100 hours of community service. (Transfer students may graduate with fewer hours based on enrollment date.)

We recommend students meet a minimum number of service hours per year to ensure they remain on track. Freshman students may start their service work the summer prior to starting classes at Edgewood.

Yearly minimum recommendations per grade:

  • Freshmen - 10 hours
  • Sophomores - 30 hours
  • Juniors - 30 hours
  • Seniors - 30 hours

How to Serve

Students serve in two ways: 

Within their own community: Examples include working at food banks, tutoring, summer-camp counseling, helping with church functions, hospital volunteering, serving meals to the needy, and visiting the elderly. We require students to serve at least 50 of their 100 hours in this way. Beginning with the class of 2020, 75% of a student’s total service hours (75 of the total 100 hours) must be provided outside of Edgewood High School.

Within the Edgewood community: Examples include ushering at performances, managing a team, and helping in the office.

We do not consider work as community service if: 

  • The student is paid or given anything for his or her work
  • The service is done for a family member (including grandparents)
  • The service is done for a for-profit business

Edgewood in the Community

As an integral part of our homecoming activities, the entire student body, faculty, and staff puts down the books for a full day to volunteer 3,500 hours serving the community. Visit our Edgewood in the Community page to learn more about this program.