Edgewood HS Students

Graduation at Edgewood High School

Continue to check this page for important information and reminders regarding graduation 2017. Congratulations to the Edgewood High School class of 2017!


Please take a moment to review the the schedule of events for graduation 2017.

 Las Vegas Night - Saturday, May 13

One of the highlights of graduation week is the Las Vegas Night party, which will be in the Edgewood High School Commons on Saturday, May 13, from 8:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. 

The party features Las Vegas style games, food, refreshments, a prize for best costume, and door prizes. Please see our Las Vegas Night letter to read more about this fun gathering, and consider making an online donation.

Parents and guardians, please register here to volunteer for Las Vegas Night.

Graduation Liturgy, Appetizer Buffet, and Program - Wednesday, May 17

We hope you will join us in celebration of our graduates. The cost for the appetizer buffet (for the senior and two parents/guardians) is included in the graduation fee. If step-parents/guardians choose to attend, there is an additional $30 per person charge. 

Please make your check payable to Edgewood High School, Attention: Graduation Appetizer Buffet, and return to the EHS general office in the return envelope enclosed in your graduation packet or pay online by Friday, March 17.

Senior Class Trip to Great America - Thursday, May 18

All seniors are expected to attend this trip unless they are excused by a parent/guardian communicated through Assistant Principal Shannon McDonough or the Athletics Department. Please read the senior class trip letter for more information about this special day for seniors.

Parents and guardians, please register here to chaperone the senior class trip.

Graduation Ceremony - Friday, May 19

Edgewood High School and Edgewood College Ramp Graduation Parking Information

Vehicles with state/federal handicap stickers will be allowed to park in designated handicap spaces located near the EHS Commons. For those who need assistance, but do not have handicap parking stickers, drop-off will be available in front of the Commons. Additional parking is located in the Edgewood College ramp at no charge. All parking is available on a first come, first served basis. 

Do not park in fire lanes, in front of fire hydrants, or tow-away zones. The City of Madison has jurisdiction to ticket and tow vehicles. Citations can be as high as $500.00 for these parking violations. Valid permits are required for use of handicap spaces.

Wilke Gym Graduation Seating Information

For the graduation ceremony on Friday, May 19 be courteous and considerate by allowing handicapped and disabled persons to sit in the reserved front row bleachers of the Wilke Gym. We ask that the main floor bleachers of the Wilke Gym be used by the graduate's immediate family members and ask others to sit in the balcony. We also kindly request that individuals not save large sections of seats for others. If you have a guest who is disabled and requires special seating, please notify Shannon McDonough, assistant principal, in advance via e-mail

Thank you for your cooperation!

Cap and Gown Care and Appropriate Attire

Please review the cap and gown instruction letter from senior class moderators Julie Rzepinski and Kevin Tahany regarding care of caps and gowns and appropriate attire for graduation events.

 Senior Photos Request

One of the EHS graduation traditions is a senior video prepared by the senior class. You can help by submitting pictures for this video. Please review these submission guidelines.

Graduation Parties and Alcohol Policy

Please review the graduation parties and alcohol policy letter provided as a legal service to all parents/guardians.