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Our volunteers make all our events and programs possible, and we appreciate every one of them. On an average school year, at least one parent from nearly 60 percent of our families volunteers at least once; many volunteer even more. Here’s how you can get involved!

Volunteer Opportunities

Alumni Advisory Council 

The EHS AAC is always looking for dedicated alumni to sustain the Edgewood connection long after graduation. The Alumni Advisory Council coordinates events and other opportunities that help connect alumni and support students of EHS. Contact Director of Alumni Relations Dennis McKinley at 257-1023, ext. 185. 

Athletics Association - School year 

The EAA supports Crusader Athletics by enhancing the competitive experience for student athletes and the camaraderie among parents whose children participate in sports.

The EAA hosts several fundraising programs. Contact Athletics Director Chris Zwettler at 257-1023, ext. 144. 

E Club 

This endowment fund supports long-range needs and plans of EHS Athletics. Donations to E Club are placed in an investment portfolio managed by professionals. A portion of the interest earnings may be used annually to fill specific needs of athletics programs or facilities. Contact Athletics Director Chris Zwettler at 257-1023, ext. 144. 

Edgewood Parent Community - School year 

The EPC is composed of parents and guardians of Edgewood who volunteer support beneficial to students, staff, and parents. It exists to encourage and foster a spirit of cooperation with and support for students, faculty and staff, and to promote goodwill on behalf of EHS. Contact the current EPC president for more information. 


Encore is dedicated to providing long-term support for all of the fine arts programs at EHS. We use donations to address projects and needs of EHS performing, writing, and visual arts programs, as well as the Fine Arts Festival and guest artists. Contact Deborah Still at 257-1023, ext. 168.