Admissions Events

The best way to experience Edgewood High School is by visiting! Attending an open house, touring the school, and shadowing a student are all great ways to learn more about Edgewood. Keep reading to learn all the ways you can become familiar with the Edgewood experience!

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Open Houses

Open House events are fall semester events for parents and students in 5th-8th grade. While here, you'll get an overview of the school, have the chance to talk with teachers and staff, and take an abbreviated tour of the school. This year's Open House is scheduled for Sunday, November 12, 4:00–6:30pm. You can sign up for Admissions Events Online Here, or by contacting the Admissions Office at 257-1023, x131 or emailing

Parent School Day Tours

Seeing Edgewood during a typical school day will give you the best idea of our learning environment. Tours are limited to small groups, which allows for some personalization. The tours are thorough and the building is large, so they generally involve a lot of walking (dress comfortably). Edgewood parents say it's the only way to experience what EHS will be like for your student. To schedule a tour, visit our sign up page HERE, or call the Admissions Office at 257-1023 x134 or x131, or email

8th Grade Student Shadows

Spending a school day shadowing a current freshman simply tells it like it is. We encourage shadow guests on almost any typical school day between October and December and again from January to mid-April. We do not schedule shadows when students and teachers are in review for final exams and on days where the school has non-typical events (field trips, certain assemblies, etc.). If your child is concerned that shadowing will seem unusual, make sure they know shadowing is a common experience at EHS and our students enjoy hosting guests and volunteer to do so. Last school year we had nearly 150 shadow visitors between October and April. Sign up for your own shadow day by contacting the Admissions Office at 608-257-1023, x131 or emailing the Admissions Office

What student shadows and their families say about the experience:

Abby had a great visit. We've talked about it quite a bit. She felt very welcomed, and people were very kind to her. Sarah did a wonderful job as a student ambassador! Abby was nervous about going into a situation not knowing anyone, but Sarah made her feel welcome. There were several other students who also reached out to welcome her. Thank you for having her!

Charlie had a great time and is very excited about attending EHS! Older kids that he knew were equally welcoming, as were teachers and coaches. All around, a great experience!

Our son began the day not knowing what to expect, and this was a great experience, showing him what HS is like. The EHS community gave him a fantastic look into a typical day there. I think this day gave him many good things to think about! He also appreciated seeing some of his current classmates from SMG throughout the day. It helped him see how many classes the same students have together at EHS.

I really enjoyed my shadow day at EHS. Everyone was super friendly and I felt very welcome. All the teachers were SUPER friendly and included me as much as possible throughout the day. I would definitely recommend shadowing at EHS. I had SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!! :)