NFL Sweepstakes are Back

Buy Your NFL Sweepstakes Tickets Today!
The NFL Sweepstakes is an exciting fundraiser based on real-time professional football. All tickets have an equal chance to win prize money based on the performance of random football teams printed on the back of each card. Tickets contain three random teams for each of the 17 weeks of the pro football season - three new teams each week.

Every week, the five highest scoring game cards and the three lowest scoring game cards win prizes. $1,000 in prize winnings given out weekly.

Results are typically published on Tuesdays, with checks mailed to the lucky winners the first of each month.

Due to Hurricane Irma, Miami and Tampa Bay did not play Week 1. Any ticket that listed one of those teams for Week 1 will use scores from their last pre-season game when calculating the scores for that week.

It’s not too late to purchase your NFL Sweepstake tickets! Contact Kirk Rice at 608-257-1023 x133 or through September 22. You can also purchase tickets in the Main or Athletic Offices.


Week One Results