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Eddie's Hours

Eddie's Hours are non-academic enrichment activities planned by the teachers to help students’ mental health and provide a chance for a break.

Eddie's Hours are an “opportunity for kids to have a little fun, downtime, really a break from classes,” Principal Jerry Zander said. “It could be educational, but it wouldn’t go in the grade book.” Students can choose from a variety of activities ranging from taking a nature walk to playing board games.

The initiative was part of the research on the new schedule implemented this year. An hour will be set aside on 16 to 20 Thursdays during the school year for these activities; on some of those days the activity will be a liturgy, pep rally or speaker. The activities offered may change, and students can choose which one they want to attend each time.

Some Eddie's Hour activities have included:

Commons Lot Car Tales
Commons Lot Car Tales
Religious studies teacher Jim Baltus led a small group of kids on a "Commons Lot Car Tales" activity where students gave histories and details about their cars in the commons lot and shared favorite memories associated with the cars. 

Escape Room
Escape Room 
Students who took part in an escape room activity with Math teacher Holly Guenther had to look around the room to find clues and then crack the code of four different locks to open the final box to reveal stock certificates and letter from Warren Buffet. This Escape Room was based off of a true life story about the Town of Monowi, which is one of only few towns in the United States with an official population of one. Students worked building community by brainstorming different ideas together. They "escaped" with eight minutes to spare!

Nature Walk with Nurse Sue
Nurse Sue Contemplative walk - WSJ photo story photo

School nurse Sue Richards chose to lead students on a contemplative nature walk, which was followed by a discussion on ways to become “spiritually fit” and handle any adversity that comes their way.

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