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Fine Arts

We recognize the importance of fine arts on growing well-rounded young adults. We require all Edgewood students to take at least one credit of fine arts during their high school career and many take more. Our fine arts programs offer creative and innovative opportunities for students through diverse curriculum in art, drama, and music. Students frequently submit their work to juried visual art shows and writing competitions. Students have many opportunities to perform through choral and instrumental music ensembles, theater productions, and during the annual Fine Arts Festival.

"The Edgewood music and drama department was by far my favorite part of high school, and something I still fondly look back on as a junior in college. Even on the longest of school days, I so looked forward to going to rehearsals. It was a space where I could transform, the rest of the day didn't matter, I was somewhere where I belonged and where I felt genuine joy. I've made some of my lifelong friends through the EHS arts. I am forever grateful to the wonderful faculty, and talented, kind students that made my high school experience one to remember."
2021 EHS graduate

10 Lessons the Arts Teach
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Edgewood High School stages two major productions a year, usually one drama and one musical. Major roles are often double-cast, giving more students the experience of performance. Since 2009, EHS musical productions have won more than 60 awards from the Overture Center for individual and ensemble performances, direction, costumes and other aspects of theatre. Sets for plays and musicals have won multiple awards in national competition sponsored by ScenoGraphics.
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Communication Arts

The philosophy of our Communication Arts Department is: One goal. One promise. Student success. We believe that communication is a vital process in the moments when humans interact with one another. Communication is a skill and an art, which we need to understand, develop, and enhance. In addition to public speaking classes, there is a forensics club for students who want to have fun as they improve their debate, presentation, delivery, and acting skills.

McKinley Performing Arts Center

McKinley PAC

The McKinley PAC unites the school’s artistic community under one roof and enriches programming across campus including Edgewood High School, Edgewood College and Edgewood Campus School.

The facility, opened in August 2019 and named for longtime EHS teacher and band director Dennis McKinley '63, features state-of-the-art performance spaces and includes a 465-seat theatre, classrooms and rehearsal spaces to support music education and artistic innovation. The space provides a destination for the community to share its passion for the arts and accommodate campus-wide events, lectures and liturgies.

Theater/Public Speaking Teacher: James Wagoner


Our Music Department includes piano classes, band, orchestra, jazz ensemble, pep band, several different choral groups, and numerous other instrumental ensembles.
Choir Teacher: Rebecca de Waart. She will also conduct the Mass Band, musically direct the EHS spring musical, and mentor the Crusader Singers.

Instrumental Music Teacher: Terry Krueger 

Piano Teacher: Hikari Maekawa

Les Miserables
Les Miserables March 2023
Terry Krueger
Instrumental Music
Rebecca de Waart
Piano Lab
Piano Lab

"Pursuing music at Edgewood made me a more well-rounded, creative, and centered musician, and allowed me to deeply understand the collaborative journey of creating music and theater. Though the product — whether it be a musical, concert, or recital — is the result of this journey, my Edgewood education showed me that the process en route to this product is ultimately the most valuable experience.teful to the wonderful faculty, and talented, kind students that made my high school experience one to remember."
2023 EHS graduate

Creative Writing and Poetry

Student writers of prose, journalism, play scripts, and poetry will find courses and co-curricular activities that provide an outlet for their talents. Edgewood publishes an award-winning annual magazine of student writing and art, The Wayfarer. In addition, students in journalism courses contribute articles and essays to the student news publications, The Envoy and The Times of Edgewood. Modern drama classes participate in the Young Playwrights program of Children's Theatre of Madison.

Take Art Make Art

Visual Arts

Our Visual Arts Department facilities includes designated art rooms for 2D, 3D, and photographic art. As part of the art co-curriculum, students can practice their expertise by working on the Crusader yearbook, The Wayfarer student literary magazine, or in the Underground Society of Art.

Art Teacher: Stephanie Baertlein. The curriculum includes visual and digital art, 2D and 3D art, advanced art, and photography.

“I feel like this course is very versatile, we discovered many different mediums and every project was unique from the last.”


The Crusaders Athletic Program has a dance team that performs jazz and pom routines at sports events throughout the year and has won numerous awards and honors, including an invitation to perform at the Disney theme parks in Florida. Dancers are crucial to most musical productions as well. The drama program has won awards for choreography and individual featured dancers.

EHS Dance team