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Swipe Cards

We use swipe cards as our prepaid lunch payment system. Parents and guardians can access through the PowerSchool Parent Portal.
My School Bucks instructions.
Some of the benefits to using a swipe card include:

  • Moving through the cafeteria line faster

  • Setting daily spending limits

  • Online reports, including how students spend funds

  • Convenient payment options for parents


Edgewood High School uses Tuition Aid Data Services (TADS) to process applications and determine financial need. TADS does not award assistance but rather provides EHS with a tool for allocation. All information is kept confidential. Use the TADS Financial Aid Worksheet to determine if your family may be eligible, then complete the application online.

TADS Financial Aid Worksheet
TADS Online Financial Aid Application

You can also pay tuition online


Edgewood High School uses an Online Web Store for certain events/fundraisers throughout the school year. This web store is a hosted online payment center, providing a convenient way for families to make online payments for various fees, goods, and services.

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