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Student Services & Counseling

Edgewood focuses attention on the worth and growth of every student, and our counselors are crucial to maintaining that commitment to nurturing individual students’ unique strengths. EHS assigns each student a school counselor before the start of his/her freshman year.

Students remain with the same school counselor for all four years of their high school experience, working together on any academic, personal, social, emotional, and leadership related topics. A second college/career counselor works with students on topics related to career exploration, identifying interests and abilities, college/major explorationand especially in junior and senior yearan individualized plan for identifying and applying to colleges that are a specific "good fit" for each student.

Counseling Staff

Academic Support

Our counselors support the needs of our students at all learning levels. We learn the latest benefits available to those who require special attention, and we work closely with parents to meet these requirements. We also provide opportunities for students who require a more challenging educational experience with Advanced Placement courses, and have a dedicated program for incoming freshmen called FIT. Learn more about what we offer on our Academic Support page. In addition, a list of summer opportunities can be found in our Student Services Office. 

College and Career Counseling 

Students at EHS have access to a comprehensive college counseling program. Our counselors work closely with students to ensure they take the appropriate courses and tests to qualify for the college they wish to attend. 

While we are a college-prep high school and encourage our graduates to go on to college, we know that it is not for everyone. We work with students to identify alternative options, and pursue the path that's right for each student, whether that's a military career, a gap year or other goals and aspirations.

Each year, students experience exposure to various interest inventories, career related activities, and portfolio building through the career cruising program. Counselors integrate the results of these tasks into their student meetings relating to course selection, college advising, and post-secondary planning.

Lastly, student have access to a career networking opportunity database with contact information of Madison area professionals who have offered their expertise and knowledge in their career field to help Edgewood students on an individual basis. Students can use the database to connect with professionals in field of interests for advise, consultation, day long job-shadow opportunities, or potential internship positions.