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FIT Program for Freshmen

The Freshman Interdisciplinary Team (FIT) program was designed by EHS teachers to engage students personally and prepare them academically. FIT establishes the building blocks of critical thinking, analytical reading, and effective writing and communication. Finally, the FIT program allows teachers and counselors to collaborate, keeping an eye out for challenges any students may be experiencing. Teachers meet to discuss both curriculum and student adjustment, so student needs are met in a timely manner.


Easing the High School Transition

EHS draws its freshman class from about 40 public and private middle schools every year, so even before school starts, Edgewood hosts activities for freshmen and their parents to get to know one another. On the first day of school, freshmen have a thorough orientation. A trained and selected group of upperclassmen, the “LINK Crew,” help them as they meet their FIT teachers, tour,  learn what to expect, and receive tips for success. Freshmen receive further information about procedures in the first several days of FIT classes, as well as in a regular Group Guidance class led by counselors.

How FIT Works

FIT incorporates concepts across the disciplines of Biology, English, U.S. History, Religion and Guidance. When it comes to interdisciplinary content, the FIT teachers use projects, presentations, discussions, research, critical analysis, essay writing and several other tools to help freshmen acquire skills that will be useful in their future endeavors. When it comes to community building, the FIT teachers plan at least one Eddie's Hour a month that involves the entire freshman class. Teachers work closely with the Link Crew to help provide opportunities for the class to continue to grow together throughout the year.


Contact: FIT Director Mekel Wiederholdt Meier - [email protected]