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Community for Life 2021 Appeal

We are Edgewood
A Community for Life!

For more than a century, Edgewood High School has been committed to academic and personal success, preparing students with the confidence, skills and character it takes to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

Dennis McKinley
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During the pandemic, we were able to:
  • Provide a robust virtual product and then a rigorous hybrid of virtual and in-person learning.
  • Offer all three seasons of athletics.
  • Showcase our Fine Arts programs with virtual concerts, stage productions and virtual visual arts exhibitions.
  • Hold student retreats in new and interesting ways.
  • Have students continue to provide community service.
During the pandemic, we incurred unbudgeted and unforeseen expenses to provide the technology needed to deliver a virtual education and keep the learning environment safe and healthy. In addition, we had to cancel all in-person fundraisers, which account for half of our $1.2M fundraising budget.

Historically, through the generous support of alumni, parents of alumni and friends, EHS has covered a portion of every student’s tuition in an effort to keep an Edgewood education affordable.

This year’s “gap” between the cost to educate and the cost of tuition was $2500 per student!

Every student who attended Edgewood benefited from this gap gift and now we are asking you to do the same for today’s Crusaders. We hope that your Edgewood Experience prepared you for a successful and meaningful life and that you would like current students to have the same opportunity.

As we celebrate Edgewood’s 140th anniversary, please continue the special tradition of paying it forward by giving today to the Crusader Fund to support our current Crusaders.

If everyone contributes $100 we will reach our goal. If you can, please give more to make up for those who can not give at this time or at all. We need your help now more than ever!
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