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Community Service

Students fill egg cartons at Second Harvest Food Bank The purpose of Edgewood’s service program is to help students understand the mission of helping others and is deeply connected to our mission as a Dominican school. The Edgewood Community is grounded in a commitment to working for Truth, Justice, and Equity inside and outside our walls. Community service is a powerful way to learn with and from those we serve. Our students attest that the service they perform expands their understanding of others -- which is a more rich and meaningful education for their lives than students can earn within a classroom setting.

To meet the Service Hour Graduation Requirements:


  • Students must have a minimum of 100 service hours. It’s wonderful if you have more!
  • Of the 100 hours, at least 75% must be community hours. It’s wonderful if you have more!
    • Transfer students have a prorated total based on the below Yearly Accrual Recommendation to account only for the time attending EHS. The community requirement remains 75% of the total requirement.
  • Edgewood hours are eligible but are not necessary if all 100 hours are completed with non-profits.
  • Community service must be performed for non-profit organizations.
    • Volunteering with for-profit or political organizations, babysitting, pet sitting, and other personal acts of service, while kind and right to do, do not count toward the EHS total.
    • Service hours will not be accepted if performed for relatives (including grandparents, family babysitting, or family business). Relatives who work for a non-profit organization is a different situation.
  • Incoming students in August (freshmen and transfers) can submit and receive service hours from volunteering the summer prior to beginning classes at Edgewood. Transfer students in January can submit and receive service hours from volunteering the semester prior to beginning classes at Edgewood.
  • All Service Hours must be submitted through x2VOL for verification and approval.

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What is the difference between Community and EHS Hours?

Community Hours
– volunteer service done to the benefit of a non-profit organization. Examples: serving directly with an organization, creating something an organization will use (cards, gift baskets, etc.), serving with an EHS group for an organization (sports teams Ironman, choir singing for the elderly, Edgewood in the Community).

Edgewood Hours
– volunteer service done to the benefit of Edgewood High School. Examples: managing an EHS sports team, helping with the theater performances, volunteering at EHS events.

Yearly Accrual Recommendation
In order to encourage students to serve throughout their years at EHS, we provide a strong recommendation for how many hours to complete each year. These benchmarks are not required, but special permission items (parking, LA/ED) take them into account:
Freshmen - 10 hours
Sophomores - 30 hours
Juniors - 30 hours
Seniors - 30 hours

Looking for upcoming events and organizations to volunteer at? Check out our helpful, but not all-inclusive, Service Opportunities document. Questions or comments? Contact Sarah Smith by email or at 608.257.1023 x142