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Catholic Life

Spirituality is an important part of our students’ journey and we take pride in fostering personal spiritual growth. In addition to prayer and service, we also offer Religious Studies courses and understand the importance of ministry programs and retreats that allow our school community to engage in non-academic, faith-based experiences. We seek a deeper source of fulfillment and developed sense of purpose and facilitate spiritual activities that carry out our mission

Liturgies, Prayer Services, & Prayer Requests

We offer monthly, all-school liturgies and prayer services, a Thursday morning mass, and memorial prayer services. Please see our calendar for dates and times.

Memorial prayer services, open to attendance by any in the Edgewood community who have lost loved ones, are held three times a year. All present have the opportunity to light a candle in memory of a friend or loved one. A special All Souls Mass is held in November and anyone who wishes is encouraged to Request Prayer in Memory of a Loved One. 

Teaching Approach

Edgewood has a religiously diverse student body, so courses reach out to all students. We teach Catholic tradition, examine other faith traditions, and discuss commonalities and differences. Religious studies courses are academic in nature and graded. All students are capable of success in religious studies courses, regardless of religious or nonreligious background. For a list of all religious studies course offerings, please see the Curriculum Guide. Contact Jim Baltus, Religious Studies Department Chair, at [email protected] if you have any questions about Religious Studies curriculum.

Peer Ministry & the Dominican Preaching Team

2023 Dominican Preaching Team
2023-24 Dominican Preaching Team: (L-R) Religious Studies Teacher Jim Baltus, Cece Hackworthy, Neva Wilkie, Ty Hampton, Joe Powless and Campus Minister Patricia Rivera Torres

An elective, upper-level course in Peer Ministry prepares students who want to take a more prominent leadership role in faith and worship activities. Peer ministers help in the planning and leading of liturgies, prayer services, and retreats.

Edgewood’s student Dominican Preaching Team assists the school community in integrating the ministry and teachings of our founders into student life through service and leading prayer in partnership with Campus Ministry. Four students who choose to take Peer Ministry are invited to attend the annual national Dominican High School Preaching Conference, led by lay and vowed Dominicans during the summer. At the week-long conference, they explore the Dominican charism more fully through study, common life, prayer, and preaching. When they return to school in August, they are the leaders in these areas for their peers.

Contact Patricia Rivera Torres if you have any questions about Campus Ministry programs.

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