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Crusaders find a way to keep in touch!

Crusaders helping!

Peer Ministers have found ways to Be A Helper in their homes and communities this week. Some wrote letters to friends and loved ones.
"I really enjoyed writing a letter to them because I haven’t written a physical letter to anyone for years and it was a fun thing to do."
Some connected with their grandparents.
"It made me feel very good to call her because I knew she was very lonely."
And many have helped in their homes with childcare, cleaning, and meal preparation.
"It made me feel accomplished because I wanted to do something nice for my family and this really encouraged me to make the best of the situation."

Food preparationLetter

About 100 letters written by Edgewood students are delivered to All Saints Neighborhood Senior Living residents. During these days of quarantine, cheerful letters are appreciated!

Letters to All Saints

Ms. Greenfield shares a day in the life of a teacher and remote learning.

A Day with Ms. Greenfield

Physical education classes online? Yes! Coach Stav's Intro to Athletic Training Class participated in a QUIZLET LIVE session on the knee via ZOOM to help review for their exam at the end of the week. They worked together to earn bonus points for winning rounds.

Stav athletics training class

Online music lessons before spring break on Zoom with singing and watching Newsies and writing out highlights.

Singing  Singing

Don Regina shares his lectures online and collects essays via email. Click the image if you'd like to hear his lecture.
Don Regina lecture

 Choir teacher Rebecca deWaart shares an image of a Zoom gathering with 13 choir students. "Currently everyone is recording their parts on our choir music, recording their solo/ensemble pieces to send to me, and enjoying watching musicals or operas." They all enjoyed the "in-person" interaction!


Public Speaking students submitting their Speaking Outline via technology for the upcoming Persuasive Speech, taking it to a new level!

Persuasive Speech

Carrie Backman "gathered" with members of the music community.

Natalie Koblenski's English II are listening to a free audio version of Jane Eyre while reading along in their book, while highlighting or annotating the things they think are important, then email their annotations to their teacher. "I am very proud of them!" Jane Eyre

Olivia Greenfield has a "Coffee and Chat" with students.

Katie Sturm connecting with students
Katherine Sturm

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