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Alumni Hall Construction 2022

Commons Construction 2022

The Edgewood High School Commons, built in 1967, is the most visible space on our campus and the gateway to our community. As a space that encourages social interaction, it serves our students and their families and welcomes alumni and outside community groups who gather for athletic competitions and social events.

Building Community

The new Alumni Hall will be a contemporary, attractive, energy efficient two-story open and airy space that will be used by students, parents, alumni and friends before, during and after school. EHS holds a special place in the hearts of many as a place where lifelong, meaningful friendships and connections were made.

This new space will be a comfortable and welcoming place for alumni to gather and reconnect while also serving the day to day needs of current students who are creating their own memories and connections.

See Construction photos:

Scroll through to see renderings of the future space in Alumni Hall