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DVM Sponsorship

Dominican Veritas Ministries (DVM)
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On November 1, 2023, Edgewood High School celebrates All Saints Day with a liturgy that will knit together Edgewood's Catholic Dominican foundations and our bold exciting future as part of Dominican Veritas Ministries.

When Samuel Mazzuchelli started a new congregation of sisters in Sinsinawa, Wisconsin, other congregations of Dominican Sisters were being founded in different places, each with its own founder. In addition to the congregation of Sinsinawa, there are approximately 30 congregations of Dominican Sisters in the United States. Many of those congregations, like Sinsinawa, opened schools around the nation. There are currently 25 Dominican high schools in the United States, each historically sponsored and guided by its founding congregation.

Due to the decline in numbers of Catholic Sisters in all of these congregations, and therefore a diminishment of resources, five of those congregations of Dominican Sisters in the United States have collaborated to create Dominican Veritas Ministries (DVM) to sponsor all of their schools and continue to provide guidance, support, and official Vatican recognition of each school’s Dominican heritage and mission.

While DVM will be Edgewood High School’s official sponsoring body, EHS will continue to promote its Sinsinawa heritage and five values:

Five Values