ISACS presentation

EHS ILT presents at ISACS national conference
ILT at ISACSMembers of the EHS Instructional Leadership Team attended the Independent Schools Association of the Central States (ISACS) conference in Louisville, Ky., last week to present "A School Transformed: Learning Labs around a Power Standard," about changes at Edgewood High School over the past two years. The conference theme was "New Ways of Doing School.

The group presented to a small group of teachers and administrators from Mich., Ind., Ohio, Ky. and Mo. Most represented schools where they had mission statements and diversity statements on the wall, but the consensus was they didn’t have any idea what those really said; classroom visits by colleagues were infrequent if at all. EHS presenters explained the process of “power standard” implementation as teachers visit each other’s classes in cross-disciplinary teams, resulting in energy, gratitude, inspiration, and momentum towards stronger student outcomes and professional growth.

EHS faculty members giving the presentation were Joe LaMontagne, Bob Shannon, Beth Steffen, Eric Pantano, Natalie Koblenski, Jody Irland and Jim Baltus.