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President Search 2022

President Search 2022


Kevin ReaApril 21, 2022

EHS announces Kevin Rea as new President
The Edgewood High School Board of Directors announced today that Kevin Rea, a highly regarded and respected Catholic school administrator from Rhode Island, will be filling the president role currently held by Mike Elliott. Elliott announced his retirement last October after nine years of service in the school’s top leadership position. Mr. Rea will begin his role on July 1.
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March 28, 2022

The EHS President Search Committee has continued our process of assessing candidates. We posted the job on conventional education sites, on sites with access to traditionally marginalized communities, on conventional job posting sites, and on Catholic-focused sites. Our search firm did active outreach for candidates and reached out to people suggested by members of the EHS community. After reviewing all applicants, Carney Sandoe determined that 63 applicants met the requirements for consideration, including that the President must be Catholic. Of those, more than half were women and more than 11% represented traditionally marginalized populations. Given the number of active private school searches open throughout the country, Carney Sandoe was very pleased with the breadth, depth, and diversity of the candidate pool. The Search Committee shared that appreciation.

As we mentioned in our last update, we narrowed the list down to 3 candidates who we interviewed in greater depth March 12 and March 14. They were provided 2 questions in advance, responded to a list of questions live, and then, after the interview, had a short period of time to provide a written response outlining their approach to a scenario we posed. On March 15, the Search Committee met to review our notes and decided to move two of the candidates forward for in-person interviews.

Since then, we have been checking the candidates’ references and developing the on-site interview schedule. One candidate will come the first week of April and one will come the second week of April. Both candidates will follow the same schedule of interviews and group meetings with key constituents over the course of 2 on-site days. All members of our EHS community who have scheduled meetings with the candidates will have the opportunity to provide feedback via an electronic survey. The Search Committee will consider that survey feedback in making our decision as to which (if any) candidate we recommend to the Board of Directors.

We will be in direct contact with those who will be part of the on-site interview process to invite them to their scheduled meeting or interview time. To protect the confidentiality of each candidate, we will not provide the candidates’ names or work history until 24 hours before their respective visits.

Thank you for your continued patience and support as we make our way through the selection process.

March 11, 2022

The President Search has been very active in recent weeks. Our search firm Carney Sandoe assessed all of the applicants and provided the Search Committee with a slate of applicants who had met the search criteria. After reviewing those candidates, the Search Committee selected 8 candidates to move forward in the process. During the weekend of Feb 26th and 27th, the Search Committee conducted interviews of the 8 candidates. On Feb 28th, the Search Committee met to share feedback and selected 4 candidates to move forward in the process. All 4 of the candidates have extensive prior experience as presidents of high schools.

On March 12th and 14th, we will conduct more in-depth interviews of the remaining candidates. The interviews will include some questions provided in advance for which candidates will present their prepared answers during the interview, some questions asked live in person, and one case study, which will be sent after the interview and will require the candidates to draft a response and return it for our review in a tight time span. After that, we will assess which (if any) will be brought to EHS for in-person interviews and meetings. After these interviews, if we are not confident in the suitability of the candidates, we are willing to reopen the search and continue interviewing. We are committed to finding the best person.

We are planning to have the on-campus, in-person interviews in the first two weeks of April, subject to candidate availability. We will follow the format suggested by Carney Sandoe for those on campus interviews, including meetings with faculty, staff, administration, board, the search committee, and key stakeholders. There will be opportunity for those who meet with the candidates to provide feedback, which will be considered by the Search Committee in making its final recommendation to the Board regarding hiring our next President.

February 8, 2022

Our partners at Carney Sandoe & Associates (CSA) continue to work dutifully on our search for a new President for Edgewood High School.  The President position has been posted widely, including but not limited to on the CSA website, the EHS website, Blue Sheets, ACCU, EDI, NAIS, Indeed, Latino Chamber of Commerce, Madison 365, and various LinkedIn pages.  Our CSA search team is actively reviewing responses to our postings, reviewing applicants’ credentials, meeting with applicants, reaching out to potential candidates, and connecting with the people who were suggested in the community survey responses and directly by members of our community. Their goal is to provide us with a diverse pool of highly qualified candidates.  To prepare for the search, CSA has shared with us industry data on the current status and future of Catholic schools, their findings from the virtual site visits in December, the results of the community survey, and needs feedback provided by the board and search committee, all which will inform the selection process.  

In the next few weeks, the Search Committee will be busy ramping up our activity. CSA will be providing the Search Committee and Board with implicit bias training and educating us on the fair and confidential search process we will be following.  With CSA’s guidance, the Search Committee will begin reviewing and assessing candidates, planning our semi-finalist interviews via Zoom, and, eventually, our in person interviews with finalists.  As we have stated, our plan is to have a new President selected this Spring, to start this summer.  

Once again, if you know of any suitable candidates for the position, please send them the posting included above and ask them to please contact CSA as follows:  

Karen Neitzel
Search Consultant
[email protected]  

Barbara Daush
Search Consultant
[email protected]

January 21, 2022

Our Carney Sandoe search team is actively sourcing candidates, reaching out to those whose names were suggested in the survey responses, and assessing all applicants. This is the tentative timeline of Search Committee action:

  • Week of February 7: Search Committee will meet to review the process of reviewing candidate files
  • Week of February 14: Search committee reviews slate of candidates
  • Week of February 21 and, if needed, February 28: Search Committee meets to review candidates and select semi-finalists. Search committee conducts Zoom interviews of semi-finalists.
  • Week of March 14: Finalists on campus for in person interviews with the school community
  • Week of March 21: EHS Spring Break
  • Week of March 28: Our goal is to have an accepted offer for new President by the end of March

While we will not be able to provide any specifics about candidates as the process swings into action, we will continue to keep you apprised of our progress.

Please pass along the job posting to any people or organizations who might be helpful for our search.

January 3, 2022

The EHS President Search Committee is happy to report that the position description has been posted and our search will now begin in earnest. Thank you to everyone who participated in the development of this job posting by providing feedback to our search firm via surveys, meetings, phone calls, and emails.  We think this job posting accurately reflects the wonderful Edgewood community, as well as the varied qualifications for our next President. The posting on the Carney Sandoe website can be found here:

EHS President Position Opening

If you are interested applying for the position, please apply as noted in the posting. If you have a candidate in mind, please share this job posting with them, and encourage them to apply.  Our partners at Carney Sandoe will be working closely with the Search Committee throughout this process.  The initial assessments of candidates will be done by Carney Sandoe and then the Search Committee will kick into action, further assessing and interviewing candidates.  Our hope is to select the next President later this spring and have them start this July.

November 19, 2021

On October 25, 2021, President Mike Elliott announced his retirement, effective June 30, 2022.  Since that time, the Board of Trustees has assembled a search committee and hired a search firm. We are pleased to introduce the Search Committee that will assist the Board of Trustees in carrying out its responsibility set forth in our Bylaws and the Guidelines for Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa Educational Institutions. The committee members are:

Jane Clark, Chair
Trustee, Board Secretary, Admissions Committee Chair, past and future parent

Lorenzo Cruz
Past parent

Harry Haney
Trustee, Strategic Planning Committee member, past parent

Tom Klein
Past Board member, Building Committee member, past parent

Tom Merfeld
Sponsors Council Representative to the Board of Trustees, Mission Committee Chair, past parent

Kelli Thompson
Trustee, Investment Committee member, current parent

Marykay Zimbrick
Board Chair, COVID-19 Task Force Chair, past parent

We believe this group of committed individuals represents the views of Edgewood constituent groups and will bring invaluable individual experience and insights to the process while keeping the best interests of Edgewood in mind.  This committee will be primarily responsible for working with the search firm, obtaining input from the parents, alumni/ae, faculty, staff, administration and students to develop and ideal candidate profile.  This group, with the assistance of the search firm, will assess qualifications and suitability of prospective candidates and interviewing candidates.  Our expectation is that we will have finalists to present to the school community in the Spring of 2022. Please join us in thanking them for their time and service to this important process.