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Tuition FAQs

Some commonly asked questions about tuition and financial aid are answered below. If you have additional questions, please contact the Admissions Office.

Are books and Chromebooks included in the tuition and standard fees?

Yes, we include books and Chromebooks in the tuition cost. We do not require families to purchase their own textbooks. School-owned Chromebooks are individually assigned and distributed on registration day. The school purchases, owns, and distributes all textbooks and workbooks (except dictionaries) to students on the first or second day of class. We assess a fee for lost books and Chromebooks.

Does Edgewood offer payment plans?

We offer payment plans that allow families to spread tuition costs over as many as 10 months. We accept payment via check, credit card, or automatic transfer.

What is the Edgewood tuition gap?

The cost of tuition only covers 88% of the actual cost to educate an EHS student. The amount between the cost of tuition and what we ask families to pay is the tuition “gap.” We subsidize this gap (approximately $2,500 per student annually) through fundraising and donations, including those made by parents of current students.

How does Edgewood allocate financial assistance?

Nearly 40% of EHS students receive a total of $750,000 in grant aid each year on the basis of financial need. If you feel that tuition might be cost-prohibitive, please request and complete a Confidential Financial Assistance Application form (due on March 31 of each year). This information allows our business manager to assess a family’s need for financial aid, weighing each individual's need against the bigger picture of all families who request assistance. Also visit the Tuition and Financial Aid page for further information.